Chris Hillman’s new memoir, Time Between: My Life as a Byrd, Burrito Brother, and Beyond, is an adventure of relentless activity through what is certainly the most fascinating period of American music history.  It never lets up or allows for boredom. He’s a great writer and storyteller – and his wife Connie assures us that it is all his own work, no ghosting allowed.

Chris’ memory is incredible!  Events and names from his youth on pour out of his seemingly photographic recall.  He is never vague as to detail – the names, the dates and the places.  In this most personal autobiography, he tells of the tragedies in his life and of his coming to Christ well into his career.

This founding member of The Byrds, provides us with countless vignettes of his many friendships and associations as a performer– from his earliest days before the Byrds up to now.  Although his Byrds’ period began in 1965, when he was only 20, Chris performed and recorded long before that.  We hear of the Golden State Boys, Manassas, the Flying Burrito Brothers, his work with Tom Petty and much more.

As a musician, singer, and writer, Chris was right there when American music was developing and diverging into what we now call folk, country, and rock.  And in music history, it is a matter of fact that the Byrds singlehandedly blended folk and rock – and later joined country and rock. 

So, on this day – his birthday – we send him our best, and hope that our readers will enjoy this great read! 

We pray for God’s continued blessings on Chris and his lovely wife Connie.

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