Raoul Wallenberg

by Jeremiah Nighthawk Taylor

Raoul Wallenberg was a Christian, who was born to one of the wealthiest families in Sweden. When the Jews were being slaughtered by the Nazis during the war, he went to Europe and acted as an official for a group of prominent Swedish Jews. He saved thousands from death, many as they were being loaded onto the freight trains to the death camps. My mother and father escaped that slaughter.

Raoul Wallenberg was made a man of faith,
His heart could not ignore.
He knew he needed to do more and more,
In him God’s Holy Spirit soared.

God’s people in a heathen land of hate,
Whose eyes could not ignore.
Brutes ruled their lives and laid in wait,
Whose murderous hearts had sealed their fate.

So Wallenberg saved trains of souls from death,
He brought them from death’s door.
He saved their lives and stood alone,
In doing this, he lost his own.

We overcome the evil by doing good,
Not fighting with the sword.
God will avenge, He will repay.
His people wait upon that day.



Raoul Wallenberg

by Jeremiah Nighthawk Taylor | Just a Breath Away

All music and lyrics © Jeremiah Nighthawk Taylor, 2015