Papillon’s Dream/Click, Click, Tap, Scroll Down!

by Jeremiah Nighthawk Taylor

Steve McQueen had a dream in the movie Papillon.
He wasted his life, now his time was gone.
Now we up and download around the clock,
Like handheld souls with our minds in hock.

We’re clickin’ over breakfast,
Chewin’ megabites up fast.
We click into the future as we’re clickin’ up a past.
Click, click, tap, scroll down!

Steve was sent to Devil’s Island with no email and no Tweets;
No access to the internet and no shoes on his feets.
No pardon came by snail mail;
He craved contact night and day,
So he swam his way back to his friends
The good old fashioned way.

You click when you’re unhappy;
You’re clickin’ just for fun.
Your cold dead hands will hold your clicker,
When your clickin’ life is done.
Click, click, tap, scroll down! 

Take a lesson from Steve’s story
That we all need more than clicks.
And get facetime in flesh and blood, a real life social fix. 

Don’t click while you are driving,
Don’t click when you excrete.
No clickin’ at a party with the clickin’ people you meet. 
Click, click, tap, scroll down!
Click, click, tap, scroll down!
Click, click, tap, scroll down!

Papillon's Dream

by Jeremiah Nighthawk Taylor | King David's Band

All music and lyrics © Jeremiah Nighthawk Taylor, 2017