Look to Him

by Jeremiah Nighthawk Taylor

Look to Him! He made the stars above,
And yet He wants your love.

If you go up in outer space, 
You know you’ll need His love and grace.
So when you land back on this ball
You mustn’t less commitment stall.
Give Him the heart He longs to see,
That’s all He wants from you and me.

So live for Him! Look round, what do you see?
Not only you, but them and me.

So lift the spirit of another,
You know you’re lookin’ at your brother.
One day God’s people will unite
After we fight this holy fight.
A billion souls have lived and died,
But only one’s been deified.

Fame and fortune and livin’ easy.
Satan’s got his eye on you.
Tell him ‘No’ and he’ll get back,
And you will find your treasure, Jack,
Waitin’ when your time is through.

So trust in Him! And you’ll find your peace,
When all your work will cease.

You better get down on your knees,
Folks die like flies and bumblebees.
We can’t go livin’ on in sin,
We gotta see the fix we’re in.
The end is just a breath away,
And it comes closer by the day.


Look to Him

by Jeremiah Nighthawk Taylor | King David's Band

All music and lyrics © Jeremiah Nighthawk Taylor, 2017