Coronavirus Hysteria Rag

by Jeremiah Nighthawk Taylor

(This is a demo)

I always get my coffee after breakfast, you see,
so I go out to Starbucks down on Route 33.
Contemplatin’ at the counter I find
always gives me peace of mind,
chattin’ with the locals I meet and Susan the barista, so sweet.

Sue hands me coffee and tells me to go.
“Get your feet off this floor, don’t be movin’ so slow.
COVID-19 has just shut this place down.”
She shows me the door, there’s no hangin’ around.

Lips burned by my coffee as I’m shoved to the street
in coronavirus retreat.

I woke up Sunday mornin’ and got ready to pray
and gather with the faithful as we follow The Way,
The Truth and The Life that we’ve found,
but not even one soul’s around.

A church that was boarded up tight,
With the whole city locked down in fright.

I head to the corner for a couple of beers
My friend at the bar says, “You can’t drink it here.
You can’t congregate cause we’re all gonna die.”
Back out on the street and I’m wonderin’ why.

In this snowflake society there’s nothin’ to do and
all for a new strain of flu.

This really got me thinkin’ how the people we see
view the world where we live and their mortality
A life without end they do crave,
a life lived in sin and no grave.

Chasin’ every perversion that’s new
their god lovin’ the horror they do.

The story goes on and it’s always the same;
But the truth of this life is proclaimed by the saints.
Repent and believe is the message we bring,
as for me and my house, God’s praises we’ll sing.

We’ll walk through the valley and His light we will see
in eternity.