Ain’t No Way/Jesus Loves the Little Children
by Jeremiah Nighthawk Taylor

Jack and Jill went up a hill to get some exercise.
When Jack came down all alone, police, they theorized,
That way up on a mountain, so remote,
Jack thought he’d have some real fun,
So he cut Jill’s throat.
Jack’s dirty lawyer got him five,
Who needs Jill to be alive, anyway?

Ain’t no way!

One’s bi-polar, one’s ADD, one’s got a sex addiction,
And all three get together and start a new affliction.
And then peace comes in a capsule,
Doctor, give ’em a dose,
That’ll calm, cool, and collect them,
But now they’re more morose.
Next they try psychiatry, followed by shock therapy.
Ain’t no way!

Ain’t no way!

Some think men can marry men,
They say that that’s okay.
Though they can all it what they want,
I wouldn’t call it gay.
When Suzie’s got two mommies,
And Johnny’s soul it hurts
His mother needs a shave each day and his daddy’s wearing skirts.
For me this just won’t fly, and I’m gonna testify.
Ain’t no way!

Ain’t no way!

Kindly tell me preacher, what is the Golden Rule?
The preacher looked me in the eye, said,
“Don’t you know, you fool? It’s put your money in the plate.
Now shut your face, and get away.
I’m a counselin’ this woman here.
It’s gonna take all night and day.
She needs lotta help from me.
But don’t tell no one what you see.”
Ain’t no way!

Ain’t no way!

I tell of human folly. I tell of human sin.
But Jesus loves repentance whatever shape you’re in.
He’s lookin’ for a prayer from you
From deep down in your soul.
Ain’t nothing new the sin you’re in,
He wants to make you whole.
Come! He’ll clean you, he has said,
And you’ll have life when you are dead.
He’s the way!

He’s the way!

Jesus loves the little children.
All the children of the world.
Red and yellow, black and white,
They are precious in his sight.
Jesus loves the little children of the world!

Ain't No Way/Jesus Loves the Little Children

by Jeremiah Nighthawk Taylor | Just a Breath Away

All music and lyrics © Jeremiah Nighthawk Taylor, 2015